Saturday 14 January 2006

What is this blog all about?

I below to the art-by-you group on yahoo and we are doing a project at the moment to create journals using "found" papers. The idea is that we take 12 pieces of paper from magazines, advertising, anything really, and do them up in the middle to make a journal. We then send them to our partner for them to embellish before using. Currently, the blog shows the ones that I am sending. One is to a partner I am hoping to be allocated, the next is to Jim who is a member of the group and the last one is to my friend Willow. I decorated hers with unfound plain papers so she could use it immediately on receipt. I shall be posting the one that I receive both before and after embellishment. It is coming from Israel.

Now who is this one for?

I'm hoping that this one will go to somebody in the group as well. I'm just waiting to make sure that I was not too late to sign up.

Jim's Journal

This journal was made to swap in the group. It is for Jim in the States. The "rule" of the game is not to decorate it yourself but to leave that to the recipient. So, unlike Willow's, this one does not have any plain papers added.

Willow's Journal

I made this journal for my friend in South Africa, Willow. I have added plain papers so she can easily write in it without having to decorate it first.