Sunday 9 April 2006


I've also used the craft robo to cut a stencil. These aren't as successful as I would like, the stencil is too thick for the machine. However, it can score the stencils. I'm finishing them off by using a soldering iron on glass.

This is a background in readiness for something - not sure what something though!

African Mask - Final Result

This is the final mask - somewhat different from the original.

I had to do a lot of work preparing this one for the craft robo. I created cutting lines in paint shop pro and had I cut them all, I would have ended up with lots of separate bits to be stuck back together. I just couldn't get my head around it. So, I printed it out and then drew the cutting lines I wanted on top of the print out in red. This meant I could erase and add on the image in PSP. The white bits in the middle were not wide enough when I first cut it so I had to make them wider. I'm pleased with the final result.

African Mask

Still on the African theme. This is for the mail art that I need to send in May. I plan posting it from South Africa. The image here is the one that my mask is based on.


I made this zebra today. I'm going to South Africa in a couple of weeks and I also participate in a mail art group. I'm concentrating on African themes in my art at the moment.

You can't tell from the scan, but the zebra has been cut around the edges. I hope the tail survives the post!