Sunday 25 October 2009

Paulette Install - All About Faces - Lesson 5

Lesson5, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

Lesson 5 is about hair (hair and eyebrows). Looking at the photo here has made me realise that I want to even out the left and right hand side of the top.

Paulette Install - All About Faces - Lesson 4

Lesson4, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

Lesson 4 in Paulette's class is about the eyes and lips.

Paulette Install - All About Faces - Lesson 3

Lesson3, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

By the end of lesson three we have a picture with the basic shading done on the face. A lot more is to come in later lessons. More detailed shading will be don with watercolour crayons.

Paulette Install - All About Faces - Lesson 3

Lesson3, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

This is my face in progress. At the beginning of lesson three in Paulette Insall's All about faces workshop we trace the sketch on to the canvas.

Friday 23 October 2009


Collage, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

This is a self portrait collage. It is homework for the second lesson of Pam Carriker's online self portrait course.

Paulette Insall All about Faces Class

Features, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

I'm doing a painting class with Paulette Insall. I have finally learned to draw a nose with nostrils which doesn't look as if it belongs to a pig.

Polly Patches

Polly Patches, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

And here she is in full.

Polly Patches' Detail

Polly Patches' Detail, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

I have finally finished Polly Patches. Here is her face in detail.

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Polly Patches is almost finished

I'm still not sure about her hair and she needs something to hold. Hopefully I will get time to go to Hobby Craft on Friday after work and buy her one or two silk flowers. Miriam and I decided yesterday that her hair needs to be in bunches. Her little badge is one I bought in South Africa but comes from South America. It is tiny and hand made, I wouldn't like to make something that fiddly.

Saturday 3 October 2009

Doll Heads

During the first weekend in September I went to Cromer in Norfolk (UK) to do a two day workshop with Jan Horrox. It was all about making heads for dolls. We made the middle two on the first day and the outside two on the second. I was very pleased with the results, I have rather a lot of awful heads in my body box.

The one at the top is actually a flat piece of material but the shading makes it look as if the nose is sticking out.

The one on the right is supposed to be a troll but I sewed top top of the front section to the bottom of the back. I was able to redeem it with some judicious needle scuplting. I just need to make bodies now to finish them off. Making bodies is easy in comparison to heads. You can visit Jan's site at

Having a Bath

I have been a bit remiss in posting to my blog. Work has taken up a lot of time recently although I have had time to the the odd craft project. When I was in South Africa I bought some American books from the 1970s about doll making. One of them had a doll made of stockings and it was taking a bath. I belong to the yahoo group ukfabricfigures and we had a challenge to create a doll doing something, so I decided to make one having a bath. All I had to do for the challenge was take a photo. The doll only has fingers in one hand and the hair was taped on with double sided tape. I think I will keep the photos but chuck the doll!

I did find that stocking was quite good for shaping although some bits worked better than others.