Sunday, 19 February 2006

The final computer buddy

So, I set about making another one. It was supposed to be a fairy, but I wasn't going to do petals for the clothes. I made this one without a "pattern". I had problems with the flesh clay, it was black. The tip from the group is wash your hands well before starting, and keep baby wipes to hand. I covered most of it with clothes.

Any way, the nose was large but satisfactory, so the fairy turned into a male elf. The ears making it elf like rather than boy like. A friend at work said that one of the problems with the fairy was that it didn't have lips, so this one does and I am happier with that bit. I also used paint inside the mouth and around the lips. I broke a thumb off in the final stages, so pulled the hands off and made them again with what was left behind. I think the proportions are better as a result, so some accidents are good accidents.

I tried sanding bits but he now has a hole in the seat of his trousers so I decided to stop. I've had tips from the group about finger prints, and over squashing, cooking, dirt, hairs. All in all, it has been a good learning process and as a novice, I am comfortable with what I have done but I do want to get a lot, lot better.

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