Wednesday, 30 August 2006

People of the World Altered Book

I belong to ABEurope at yahoo. We are just starting a "My Own Theme" round robin, and my theme is "People of the World". I created a machine embroidery of a Japanese lady for the cover of my book. I used some sheet fabric and used bondaweb (I think it is called wundaweb in the States) to "glue" it to some quilting "stuff" and then bonded that to a bottom layer of sheet fabric. The design is from a source book that I have. I scanned it and printed it. I pinned it to the back of the sandwich and sewed through it.

So far, so good. I had to do the face by hand, the machine didn't do the trick.

Once I had completed the machine emboridery, I cut all the under layers off and used satin stitch to fix it to the cover. It was much too wrinkly and ....

sewing the lady onto the cover made it shrink. (That is my story and I'm sticking to it, I did measure and cut correctly). So, I had to add some more to the bottom of the book and then a strap to join it at the inside of the book.

Anyway, I decided early this morning that I hate it. I decided to glue a new cover to the book, chop the lady off the old one and fix it to the new one.

So, where am I right now?

The new cover is glued on, the lady is in a box in my bookcase and I may add her to the cover later when I can show her to an expert friend of mine who can advise me. I'll post photos of the current cover tomorrow.


This is the completed front cover:

I am very lucky to have a Craft Robo - a printer which cuts. I used it to create the letters on the inside of the front cover.

And this is the opposite page.

I have had these images from Iran for 33 years, and I am so glad to have found a proper home for them.

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  1. Julie, what a shame! It looked so good. But I know exactly how difficult covers can be to do. Wonderful work though, I do hope that you can either use it on the book later or find another use for your 'lady'.
    hugs, Linda.