Sunday, 30 May 2010


We have recently returned from a weeks holiday in Cornwall which is close to the South West tip of England. We were very lucky, the weather was excellent on all days but one and it didn't rain on the not so excellent day.

On Tuesday we took a boat trip from Falmouth up the river Helford. We were very lucky and spotted dolphins. DH and I also had excellent viewing spots at the prow of the boat and I was able to take some video footage with my camera. I don't have a camcorder but my stills camera takes HD video. I uploaded the video to you tube. There are lots of videos on you tube of dolphins, most of which will be much more exciting than my video but these are "my" dolphins and I am pleased.


  1. Julie this must have been really thrilling to see them close up like that. How exciting. Your camera take a good video too.

  2. Wow you lucky girl!! What an amazing experience... I'm so happy for you.