Sunday, 28 November 2010

Visit to L'Escala in Spain - France - Saturday November 6th

My train to Montpellier didn't leave Paris until 13:19. This meant that I had plenty of time to explore. I decided to take a walk to the Seine which didn't look as if it was far.

Gare de Lyon

On the way to the Seine, I spotted a shop which sold furniture which had been designed by Children. There was some very strangely shaped furniture. Unfortunately I don't have any photographs.

Brightly Coloured Seatn

There were quite a few art shops.

Invitation to an Art Shop

I popped into a courtyard and found the "Promenade Plantee". It was a garden walkway on top of a railway bridge. It looked much more interesting than walking in the street. Several people were out walking and running. I also saw a couple of people doing Tai Chi.

View looking down from the Promenade

The Promenade Plantee

Interesting Chimneys
Walking above the tree line

Interesting Carving across the road

Quite a few houses had triangular corners to fit in with the ends of the road

I like the simplicity of this

Interesting name for a police station

If you have 100 euros in the bank, it is your problem. If you have 4.9 million euros in the bank, it is the problem of the bank!

Back at ground level

After the walk, I popped into a restaurant for a hot chocolate. The lamp shades were gorgeous. I was surprised to be given a glass of water to go with the chocolate. The chocolate was very turgid.

I saw some adverts in a Restaurant for pictures by the artist Dilley. I hadn't heard of him before. I took a photo so I could view the web site when I returned home.

Advert on the side of a lorry - it is a trick photo which makes you think the lady is taking bath inside the lorry.

I had lunch on the station concourse. I nearly missed my train to Montpellier because I was unable to get a waiter to take my money. I was in carriage 16 which was a long way down the platform. The train had lots of engines on it between the carriages. I'm not sure if they were required to make the train "drive" fast or if they were being delivered to other stations. It is 749 km (465 miles) from Paris to Montpellier. It only took 3.5 hours. I had a seat upstairs which gave very good views. The train was very smooth.

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