Saturday, 6 August 2011

Rub-Onz Transfer Film and DECADry Creative Plastic

Mandi and I visited Hobby Craft in Gloucester for some art supplies, particularly for her. They are very expensive in Spain. Whilst there, I spotted some Rub-Onz Transfer Film. You create your own rub-ons by printing on the sheets using an ink jet printer. We didn't have time to work on a design (we were trying to use the lap top as little as possible due to an electrical crisis in the Stenning household). Any way, we created a sheet of hearts which were OK. I would like to try it again when I have a purpose for it.

We also played with the Creative Plastic. This is Shrink Plastic or Shrinkies for an ink jet printer. I cooked them in a fan oven (the craft electrical oven being out of bounds due to the electricity situation) and burned them. However, we did get to see the general effect. Also, I printed the back with a solid colour, it didn't dry and smeared every where, so if you decide to give it a go, don't do what I did, try using a half tone.

Before and After  Baking


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