Sunday, 21 May 2006


I saw a piece of work by somebody recently who had created a mixed media art piece with lace and I fancied having a go myself. Of course, on that particular day, I didn't have any lace. My mum visited recently and gave me a bag of lace to use, and then I had to wait a few more weeks before I had time to start. Any way, that time has come.

My first step was to paint a background.
The second step was to add some lace.
The third step was to dab some white paint onto the lace. The picture you see here is after the third step.

And this is a close up:

After it had dried, I then added some puff paint and heated it.
I then painted with a rather gorgeous metallic purple paint that I have.

And this is a close up:

I want to add some buttons and beads next. I need to wait until next weekend, got to spend some time at work first, sniff, sniff.

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