Sunday, 21 May 2006


I belong to the experimental acrylics group on Yahoo. At the moment, our group leader is holding virtual classes. This blog shows the work progressing.
I bought a couple of pictures from the £ store for a £ ($2) each some months ago. It makes a really cheap canvas. This is the one I used for this painting.

The first step was to create a background. Get rid of the white - or in my case, the original picture.

The next step was to add some texture. I used a large stamp to start with but didn't like it. I used cling film (plastic wrap) to cover it up.

The next step was to add some brush work. I chose green because it is the colour opposite red (and therefore complementary) on the colour wheel.

Some spritzing was done over stencils and finally, paint was spread onto a CD case and then the CD Case was placed on the picture.

This is a section of the final painting.

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  1. I can't wait to see what you are going to do on these next :0)