Sunday, 18 June 2006

Summer Theme

I'm doing a swap at the moment (June 2006) with the Art-By-You yahoo group The theme is summer and the images need to be 4 by 4. I'm not the world's best painter by any means, but I am improving and these are my offerings.

This is based on a picture by Mary Cassatt.

These are lobster pots based on a photo I took in Aberdovey, Wales, UK in the summer of 2001.

I took this photo on the same trip to Aberdovey.

All these pictures are drawn with watercolour pencils and then painted over with a brush that has a water container. I'm finding it quite a nice way to mix different colours in the same part of the picture. Another advantage of using the water brush means that I don't dip it in my tea by mistake.

Below is a photo of the backs of the cards, again with watercolour pencils and the water brush. I have to thank Andrea at ABY for the inspiration here. She has sent me some fabulous water colour postcards which gave me the idea for my backgrounds. Thanks Andrea.

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