Sunday, 18 June 2006

Imagepac Daylight Stamp Creating Machine

A few weeks ago I treated myself to an imagepac daylight stamp creating machine. What a wonderful piece of kit! It lets you create your own rubber stamps without carving.

You can find them at

The first few tries were not successful, but essentially my fault for not following the instructions correctly. I now have it cracked.

I'm participating in an ATC swap at the Art-By-You yahoo group The theme is Asian stamps. I didn't have any asian stamps I wanted to use so I made a couple with the stamp creator. This is the result.

The tiger is the stamp, printed on yellow paper and embossed with blue embossing powder.

The stamp is of the full image shown here.

This is the other card in the series (I didn't use the stamp maker for this one). My mum gave me a hand made birthday card recently using this stamp and gave me permission to take it apart! The white paper is some silk paper I made at a course recently. That was great fun and of course suitable for an Asian theme.

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