Friday, 26 December 2008

A Lovely Happening

I originally wrote this post on my web site in June 2008. I have decided to replace my website with a blog and I am rewriting some of the web site posts.

I have to travel to Peterborough, here in the UK, once a week for work. I travel from my home in the morning, work for the day, stay overnight and then travel to one of our other offices next morning, work for that day and then travel home.

Today is a PB day. I decided to eat in the Chinese restaurant, a few doors down from the hotel. I had gorgeous spicy thai king prawns, and whilst waiting for the sweet menu, was given a leaflet by one of the staff. It was advertising tickets for a meal next Tuesday to collect money for the earthquake appeal in China. I explained that I was a visitor and wouldn't be able to come on Tuesday, but that I would like to make a donation. He was overwhelmed. We decided that my donation would buy 3 tickets with a little left over. He wanted to take just the money for the tickets, but I persuaded him to take the rest. I reckon they will make for the appeal if people don't buy tickets, but he has given me three and we have decided that I should give them to people in the PB office. Now, three is an awkward number, so I haven't decided who is going to benefit.

We had a bit of a chat, he doesn't have relatives in China who are affected, but I suppose feels the country's pain.

Then dessert - a chocolate parfait. Chocolate source. surrounded by green mint ice cream covered in a hard chocolate coating, yummy. The manager insisted on giving me the dessert on the house, even though I had explained that it was a company bill.

When I left, he gave me a big hug. I shall be going back there again!

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