Sunday, 15 February 2009

The house in the photo is where I live. Behind the house is a field with lots of tree stumps, the snow last week made it look very surreal.

I am making the post from Picasa, I had Picasa on my machine a couple of years back and found it frustrating because it insisted on showing me stuff grouped by date and I wanted them grouped by folder because I had already done my tidy filing. You can do this with this verison of picasa. You can use it to make collages, and it is also embedded in my windows explorer so if I double click a jpg, it opens nicely on my screen. I just used it to export 5 photos so I could post them to a yahoo group and it made them the size I wanted and the compression was perfect. Each picture was 21kb. So, Picasa is staying on my computer!

Update on March 2nd - Yes, Picasa is staying on my computer but I won't be using it to upload to my blog, it didn't work.

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