Sunday, 8 February 2009

Inspired by Klimt

Whilst at Sommerhausen, I used the print gocco to create a silk screen of a copyright free image from Dover. It is part of a picture by Klimt. I believe that it is a portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer. The screen was used to print on a canvas "box".

Once I came home, I decided that I would like to add to it and make it more like the original, and wished that I had placed the image in a different place on the canvas.

The canvas was white, and I painted all apart from the lady black. I then looked for backgrounds that I already had and was lucky to find some watercolour paper painted with yellow and had gold spirals. I have recently started using gel matte medium as a glue rather than PVA. It makes the paper less susceptible to bobbling. Milliande alerted me to this.

I then used some watercolour crayons and thin felt pens to fill up the background. Willowing taught me to wet my watercolour crayons with my brush and then paint rather than drawing with the crayon and then brushing with water. It is surprising how well it works. It is a great way of carrying watercolours with you.

I also stuck some gold sweet papers on to the picture. They form the straps of the dress and the lighter part of the collar. I used bondaweb (wonder under) and my clove iron to do the fixing.

Finally, the collage was "joined together" by some galactica paint from Stewart Gill (it is clear paint with glitter spread throughout it) and my favourite spiral template and bright gold paint from Stewart Gill. There is also some gold embossing powder on it.

It isn't the best painting in the world but given my fear of painting, I am pleased.

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