Monday, 25 May 2009

Polly Patches in Progress

I spent some of the last two weekends making "Polly Patches". She is not complete yet. You can see a picture of the Pattern Designer's version (Jan Horrox) at

Mum and I are going to a workshop held by Jan Horrox during the first weekend in September. We will be sculpting faces.

The armature - made with coat hangers because I couldn't find the garden wire. Paul had to help me with it, I just wasn't strong enough.

The armature wrapped before dressing.

I may need to redo the head - the eyes are different and too high up.

She just needs a skirt and hair.


  1. This is so wonderful!

  2. I love her rainbow tights! I wonder what kind of skirt will do those justice... Go Julie! xoxo tj