Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Travelling to South Africa

I made a friend, "Willow" on the Internet a number of years ago. We finally met in person in 2006 when my mum and I visited for a three weeks and Willow and her husband, Roche, met my DH, mum and I in London.

I am now a few days into my second visit to SA. Juan has entered the world since the last visit, he is just over two years old and is a delight.

I left the office just in time last Friday and took a coach from Bristol to Heathrow. I then had to wait hours for the plane. It was a bank holiday weekend in the UK and I left plenty of time for traffic woes. I decided that the book I was reading was too serious so decided to purchase a current pot boiler from W.H. Smiths. The plane left from Terminal 1 and I can remember at least 3 Smiths shops. They were selling 3 for the price of 4 so once I had 2, then the third and fourth were just asking to be purchased.

Harrods was in lights

And I really fancy one of these. Click on the image to see more detail, including a description of each model.

The flight is about 11 hours long (overnight), but the clocks are only one hour ahead during the summer. I arrived safely on Saturday morning, not as tired as I expected to be.

The journey was on an airbus flown by South African Airways. They fly from Heathrow to Cape Town once a day. The plane was full. Last time we travelled to Johannesburg on a Boeing 747.

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