Sunday, 5 March 2006

How they were made

I warmed up the cd with a heat gun and then cut it. For the latter ones, I just broke them to see what shapes I would get. When you do it this way, they do spring all over the place, including into your face!

Some of them have had some thick acrylic paint applied. All of them have then had thick embossing crystals applied, and then heated with a heat gun. The smooth ones are very shiny. The rougher ones were melted for less time so the embossing crystals did not melt into each other.

I'm not sure what they will be like to wear. They are disconcertingly light.

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  1. Hi Julie!

    I've found your pictures recently, and i think you're making beautiful things! As i'm also a bit into creating jewellery, i would like to ask you what crystals you used for these? And also, i have some acryl paint, but i was warned to keep it away from heat and fire. You paint it after it cools down, or there's no problem with heating the paint?
    Thx in advance,