Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Silhouette Fairy 1

I have signed up at Dover publications. You get some free sample images each week. The original silhouette I have used here came from there.

I opened it in PSP. Selected all the black. Contracted the selection by 1 and deleted the selection. This left me with a 1 pixel line for the printer to cut. However, the cutting part of the printer doesn't know about files saved in any of the formats that PSP saves them in. I saved the file in png format in PSP and opened the file in Wintopo which is a free ware vector graphics program. I used the one touch vectorisation program to create vector lines for the cutter. I saved that as DXF. The final step was to import the dxf into the craft robo software for cutting. This has been saved as a .gsd file. So, any time I want to recut the fairy, all I have to do is open up the .GSD file.

This one is cut on sugar paper. I was having problems with the settings for cutting on card although I have now resolved that (see the next post). I did however have to push some of the bits out. It just takes a bit of practice in terms of setting the blade length correctly.

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