Monday, 6 September 2010

Shimelle - September 5th

September 5th, originally uploaded by juliestenning.
Sunday was play day at Mavis'. I stitched the rest of Shortie and stuffed it. I also attempted to stitch the head on but due to one of the lessons learned, had to do it for the fourth and final time on Monday.

Lessons Learned:
When you need unbreakable thread, test it before using it.

How to make a wobbly head.

When stuffing fingers, wind stuffing around the stuffing fork in a corkscrew fashion. This makes it a nice shape for fingers.

How to do a surgeons knot and square knot.

A bank sinker is a fishing weight, shaped a bit like a foot and can be used to weight dolls down.

How to create a gusset so the creature has a large bottom.

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