Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Brooch or Necklace

Brooch or Necklace, originally uploaded by juliestenning.

This is a continuation of the embroidery that I blogged about a few days ago. The beads on the inside of the pentagon were sewn one and then another couple of layers were added to the bottom to provide stiffness and cover the bead sewing. These layers were some plastic a4 pockets and some acrylic felt. A very fine soldering iron was used to cut the shape out and fuse the layers together. Unfortunately the silk layer prevented the edges from being sealed properly and the edge looked very rough. Also, I didn't like the pale blue edging on the pentagon. So, another lines of beads was added to the edge.

I haven't decided if it is going to be a brooch (pin) or a necklace.

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  1. This is gorgeous, Julie. I'd wear it as a necklace; it would go with EVERYTHING! Debs x