Friday, 2 January 2009

Art Journal - January 1st

Millande has been inspired by Misty Mawn to create a journal page for each day in January. I have decided to join in. If you want to play then click on the art journal image below

Millande's is expending much more effort on her journal than I will be on mine. My drive isn't to create an art journal but to do a piece of art every day, and this seems to be a good way to do it. I work full time and also work away from home so I need something quick and easy. I have decided to take an existing journal which has had backgrounds already created and to draw in it daily. I can take the journal and a pen to work and away with me.

The prompt for January 1st:

An old year has closed its doors and a NWEW year has just opened its doors wide for me to play.
What do I leave behind the closed door? What do I hope to play with when entering the new door?

I have had to add verbal prompts in order to remember the detail! I need reduce my alcohol and cholesterel intake. I could do with doing something about work but that won't happen so I haven't included it.

In 2009 I want to:
  • Create a you tube video on creating boxes from hard backed books
  • Create some artistic cloth dolls
  • Do some whimsical drawing
  • Give a workshop on altered books
  • Do some more drawing
  • Exercise on my recumbent tricycle
  • Complete the Suzi Blu Drawing Course
I think these are achievable.

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