Sunday, 4 January 2009

Art Journal - January 4th

Todays prompts are "Flowers and Spirals".
I am trying to get more depth into my pictures. I used Neocolour water colour crayons for the petals. Willowing showed me how you could do this by putting your paintbrush onto the bottom end of the crayon and then painting rather than drawing with the crayon and then adding water. This gives you a lot more control.
I watched a video the other day about using sharpies to mimic Copic pens. The author talks about using three shades of each colour, a pale one for the whole "thing" (in my case petal), the darkest one for outlining and a medium shade for shadow. I have achieved more depth than I usually manage, but I am dissatisfied with the amount of blending. For once, the photo makes the page look better than in real life.
Finally, the prompts come from Millande. You can find detail of the project here.

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