Friday, 2 January 2009

Art Journal - January 2nd

Millande has been inspired by Misty Mawn to create a journal page for each day in January. I have decided to join in. If you want to play then click on the art journal image below

The prompts for today:
Directions - Pathways - Choices
I can look at myself, I can look at all the difference forces that are me. The faces of the Artist, Mum, Ponderer, Traveller, Seeker, Facilitator, Witness.
Which "you" are you really going to try and nuture and let out to play in 2009?

I decided to draw pathways from January to December.

As for my January 1st page, I have verbalised the detail

Artist - a constant path to be travelled (it goes from January to December)
Mum - I don't have children and I am 50, so there is a no entry sign on that path!
Ponderer - I need to concentrate on other faces.
Traveller - I am going to Germany in January, South Africa in May and Budapest in October. I could of course look at other sorts of journeys, but this is enough for now.
Seeker - as ponderer.
Facilitator - this is a major part of my job. I manage a team of software developers. In the past I have also been able to do some development, but this is no longer possible. I need to recognise that my role is to facilitate the members of my team.
Witness - as ponderer.

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  1. oh julie this doll #2 is so al-some i take it it is all done, by mand not a machine>?
    I love it I wished I had some doll pattrens I love beading doll forms and then I make clay faces and glue them on the head.thank you for shareing if yoiu fine any pattren you would like to share with me let me know ok..I hear there is a new doll that 's made no bigger than you index finger..thank you again....
    Mary Redford ABY-2