Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Displacement Maps in Paint Shop Pro

After reading Maggie Grey's blog the other day, I decided to play with displacement maps in Paint Shop Pro. A displacement map uses one image to displace (move) the pixels on another image. The first image on the left is the original image. I don't remember what I used as the displacement image for the second one. I turned the second one into a kaleidoscope and then used it as a displacement map for the fourth image. Maggie Grey is a textile artist and had mentioned in her blog that she could use one of her "play" images as an influence for textiles. This is much more practical if the images are simplified. I have used the Buzz simplify filter in the past for this but when looking for it on the web I discovered that the software company who produced it no longer exists. So, I found a simplifier from topazlabs. The smaller images are simplifications of the larger ones. I thought that I might use one of them on the embroidery machine. Click on the image to see more detail.

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